Privacy policy

The privacy policy is a specific document that explains the various methods used by the gaming portal to collect, process and disclose visitors' personal information. This policy also governs data management because protecting the privacy of visitors is a priority for Vavada Casino.

Privacy laws may vary from country to country, especially in international gaming clubs with their own unique requirements. It is important to understand if Vavada’s policy suits you as your future earnings in the affiliate programme depend on it.

Compliance with privacy laws is not only an essential part of a licensed casino but also a guarantee for website visitors, customers and partners that their personal information is handled with high standards of security.

Review this section to find out if the project is right for you.

Legal aspects of Vavada's privacy policy

The most recent 2024 Terms and Privacy Policy are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Netherlands Antilles. By becoming a partner of Vavada, you acknowledge that you consent to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Netherlands Antilles for the resolution of any disputes, including counterclaims and claims for compensation.

A Curaçao licence is a reliable document that guarantees your rights and the trustworthy status of the casino you enter into a user agreement with. It is important to note that online gambling may be illegal in your country of residence. In such a case, you are not allowed to use your payment card for transactions. This condition is imposed by countries to monitor compliance with gambling laws and regulations in order to warn against undesirable consequences.

Registration in the affiliate programme

If you have not already registered on Vavada as a player, you should start by creating an account as a regular user. Click on the large red 'Register' button, fill out a small form with your username, password and currency selection. After agreeing to the terms and conditions of the platform, confirm the registration via email. The whole process takes only a few minutes.

Then you can apply for a partnership agreement with the company. Contact the manager in Telegram (@acvavada), and tell him about your opportunities, traffic, advertising and promotion channels. The project works with both beginners and experienced webmasters, so there are options for everyone. The casino administration welcomes cooperation with bloggers, owners of various channels and groups in social networks, as well as SEO specialists and other experts.

If your profile meets the criteria, you will be contacted to discuss the terms of the contract with the manager, after which your account will be connected to an affiliate panel. Your personal data is protected by the project, all information is secured using double encryption technology.

Any communication with the administration and affiliate manager is treated as confidential information. Participants of the affiliate programme are strictly prohibited from distributing, publishing or giving third parties access to classified information. In case of detection of such a violation, managers reserve the right to block the affiliate's personal account and terminate cooperation without releasing the remaining funds.

First look at Vavada’s affiliate panel

The affiliate partner section is conveniently integrated into the drop-down menu available at the top of the page. The developers took care of a simple and intuitive interface, so you can start earning without hesitation. The affiliate panel takes into account all important aspects of your work:

  • Total number of registered users.
  • Quantity of the first payments made.
  • Total sum of payments.
  • Detailed information on your earnings and received remuneration.
  • Referral link, which you will be promoting and based on which the number of attracted guests is counted.

Setting up the panel is incredibly quick. All necessary tools appear in the affiliate panel as soon as you discuss the terms with your manager and sign an affiliate agreement. The rating of the users you bring is presented in descending order of the amount of remuneration, so you can easily analyse the results of your advertising and get a stable income.

Advertising methods

Partners have access to a variety of tools and resources that contribute to effective promotion. Among them are banners, links and other materials. Experienced managers are always ready to provide support, helping to solve arising issues. By joining the Vavada affiliate programme, you get the opportunity to earn money from online casino promotion without large initial investments. This type of earning is one of the most promising and popular on the Internet. It is important to note that, as in any other affiliate programme, stable income is not guaranteed, and the statistics of payouts can be dynamic. Everything depends on the number of invited players and their actions on the site.

Acceptable sources of traffic

For affiliate programme representatives, your experience in attracting players is not important. Managers are primarily interested in the quality of the sites from which the audience will come, and in effective methods of attracting attention.

However, even before obtaining partner status, it is important to understand how you are going to attract traffic and whether it falls under prohibited methods.

Allowed traffic sources:

Which methods of referral link promotion are available:

  • Natural: attracted through search engines or social media. The partner creates a website or social media page, optimises it for search queries or posts content with links to products or services.
  • Paid: attraction through contextual advertising or advertising networks. Partner pays for placing ads on websites that attract the target audience.
  • Mobile: advertising via mobile devices. Partner develops a mobile application that includes links to products or services.
  • Email: engaging the target audience through mass sending of emails. Partner sends out emails with information about the project and Vavada bonuses, including links to the website, promo codes, etc.
  • Social: working with social media. A partner creates pages in social networks and places content with links.
  • Cross: attracting guests from other partner sites.

Each of these types of traffic can be used in an affiliate programme to effectively promote products or services.

Vavada is particularly interested in websites, thematic communities in social media, YouTube and Telegram channels, streaming platforms, as well as purchased traffic (teasers, banners, targeted advertising) and other advertising platforms in online resources.

Prohibited sources of traffic:

The following advertising methods are not allowed:

  • Spam.
  • False information about Vavada in ads.
  • Mislead — Making false promises and attributing non-existent functionality to the platform.
  • Offline advertising.
  • Brand traffic (excluding SEO specialists).
  • Rebrokering - traffic from other sources without proper authorisation.
  • Motivated traffic.

If you still have questions or doubts whether your sources are suitable for cooperation with the portal, please clarify this information with the manager in the Telegram chat. All questions are addressed on an individual basis.