Partnership Agreement

This is a crucial part for the promotion of any modern online casino, it acts as a strategic tool, which facilitates a mutually beneficial cooperation between the company and an individual, i.e. any person, like yourself.

This type of contract is a key link in your business of making money from attracting players, you provide promotional support and the project provides fair compensation in return.

The partnership agreement contains all the details, so that you understand the specifics of your programme and payments. After reading it, you are not going to have any further questions about the individual terms of cooperation.

The contract includes not only the definition of responsibilities and goals but also a clear description of the calculation methods and the amount of remuneration.

Partnership agreement at Vavada is very attractive, personal payment terms can be easily adjusted to your traffic type and targeting volume. Final terms are discussed with your personal manager, in this article we are about to point out the main points.

Why do you need a partnership agreement?

Key objectives addressed by cooperation:

  • Clear definition of remuneration. The document highlights the definition of the terms and conditions of remuneration. Each participant is given the opportunity to discuss and document the amount of commission for the successful attraction of players through a referral link. This not only ensures transparency of financial matters, but also allows you to pre-calculate the expected level of your income.
  • It serves as a tool to clearly define the duties and responsibilities of each party. Professional relationships are formed by clearly defined contractual clauses, which in turn helps to prevent potential disputes and conflicts. This is particularly important for creating sustainable relationships, as both parties would know their obligations.

Thus, the agreement acts not only as a formal document, but also as a tool to optimise the interaction. Based on clauses of your contract you will know all the details of your earnings and will be able to conduct successful advertising campaigns, using only effective methods of promotion.

Terms and conditions of Vavada affiliate programme

Certainly, each affiliate has responsibilities that the Vavada casino supervises:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • It is important to read all the terms and conditions of the affiliate programme, upon request your manager will send them to you. If you do not agree with anything, this affiliate programme is not suitable for you - it is not possible to change these rules to suit your wishes.
  • The agreement with the company comes into effect when you have received the status of 'Partner' and have accepted the proposed rules of the project.
  • Safety of your information and your login details in particular is your responsibility. The site exploits a double encryption system, the latest method of data protection against fraudsters, but the security of your data also depends on you and on your method of storage.
  • You cannot sell your affiliate page or give it to third parties on any other terms. For such an offence, the company will be forced to suspend you from the affiliate programme.
  • You can't overwrite cookies.
  • You and your relatives are not allowed to play using your own referral link.
  • You can't be conspiring with players to get higher profits.
  • Spam messages and motivated traffic are prohibited, such violation results in blocking of the account and retention of the remaining funds in the account.
  • Email distribution is possible but only with the approval of your manager.
  • It is not allowed to introduce yourself as Vavada administrators. All official information is published only on behalf of the project in official social networks and on the website. Violation is followed by blocking of the account without withdrawal of remaining funds.
  • As a partner you must not damage the reputation of the project. In case of spreading information, that is harming the institution, you will be excluded from the affiliate programme.
  • If you are suspected of violating the rules, your account will be temporarily blocked until the administration checks all the details.

If you have considered these points and agree with them, then Vavada affiliate programme suits you, as these conditions are favourable for both, beginners and pros.

Status of the partnership agreement

A partnership agreement is not subjected to the strict form provided by the Civil Code. This document is mainly to formalise internal relations on paper. Therefore, this agreement can be drafted in simple language, avoiding unnecessary legal terminology.

Together with your manager, you specify all the terms and conditions in the text. Each partnership is unique, and therefore the text of the agreement is developed individually for each case after discussing all relevant aspects.